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Do no Harm-Trainings

Do no harm trainings


We want to do good, but we have to be careful not to cause the opposite.


Since 1994, numerous people developed the Do no Harm approach from working praxis. They were mainly active in development and humantitarian aid. Since 2001 a number of peace organisations also adopted the approach and integrated it into their work.


As KURVE Wustrow, we sensitizes for example our the international peace workers prior to departure for the Do no Harm approach – within the framework of the practitioners training “Project Management for Peace Work Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating”.


For all offers contact: Ambalika Wilhelm donoharm(at)


●  New manual is published "Do  No Harm Trainer's Manual": It is an update of the manual of CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, which was published in 2002. The new manual is important because of the added role-playing and case studies from numerous trainings in Africa and South Asia. For the first time, this edition represents the perspective of peace building.

In addition, we offer a range of further trainings on the Do no Harm approach:

Do no Harm-Training of Trainers

The aim of this Training of Trainers is twofold; to train participants in the Do no Harm approach, as well as on undertaking trainings themselves. To begin with, participants are asked to conduct a one-day introductory training by themselves. This serves as an example for a one-day workshop the participants will offer at the end of their course. This practical aspect is a compulsory part of the training concept and will be discussed in detail during a debriefing. Only then can the Do no Harm trainer certificate be awarded.

Next dates:  16.-26.08.2020 / 25.07.-04.08.2021 in Wustrow and Berlin

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●  New revised Folder for the Do no harm-ToT 2020

●  Application Form Do no harm-ToT 2020

Do no Harm-Applicator Training


In this five-day training we not only teach the basics of the Do no Harm approach; we also accompany participants in their first application on a familiar project.

Do no Harm-Modulary Course on conflict-sensitive project management


This praxis-orientated training consists of three modules with a total of 16 seminar days over the course of one and a half years; and it is based on a project cycle model. During the preparation or at the beginning of a project, the first two modules offer methods for project identification, planning and implementation. During the project, i.e. between the second and third module, participants receive supervision by a trainer. Around one year into the running of the project the third module follows, focusing on methods for evaluation.