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Kirchstraße 14 29462 Wustrow
+49 (0)5843/9871-0 +49 (0)5843/9871-11
Die Telefonzentrale ist Mo-Do von 9:00 bis 13:00 Uhr besetzt.

Bitte nutzen Sie für den Email-Kontakt nebenstehendes Kontaktformular.


KURVE Wustrow – Centre for Training and Networking in Nonviolent Action has its office and training centre in Wustrow in the Wendland region in Lower Saxony.

How to get to us by train

The nearest train stations are in Uelzen (coming from Hamburg or Hannover) or Salzwedel (coming from Berlin or Magdeburg).

There are bus connections from Uelzen:
Bus 1948 with the final destination "Lüchow" which stops at "Wustrow (Wendland)-Markt" (ca. 1 hour)
and from Salzwedel:
Bus 1945 with the final destination "Lüchow" which stops at "Wustrow-Markt" (ca. 20 minutes)

A train connection including bus to "Wustrow-Markt" can be found at the english site of

Caution: Some bus connections are scheduled as "Rufbus" which means that one needs to reserve a seat by phone the latest two hours prior to departure.

How to get to us by car

Wustrow (Wendland) can be reached by car via Lüneburg (coming from the North), via Uelzen (coming from the West and South) and via Salzwedel (coming from the East.

From the North: =>Lüneburg => Dannenberg (B 216) => Lüchow (B 248) => Direction Clenze (L 262) at Dolgow => Wustrow (L 262)

From the South and West: =>Uelzen (B 71) => Direction Bergen => Clenze (K 23) => Direction Lüchow (L 261) at Dolgow => Wustrow (L 262)

From the East: => Salzwedel => Direction Lüchow (B 248) at Lübbow => Wustrow (L 262)