Sami Hureini in court

Sami Hureini (Youth of Sumud)

The Palestinian human rights defender Sami Hureini from our partner organisation Youth of Sumud (YOS) was arrested by Israeli soldiers in the middle of the night on 9 January 2021. He had taken part in a nonviolent demonstration in the village of A-Rakeez in the south of Hebron the day before.

The peaceful demonstration was against the shooting of human rights defender Harun Abu Aram. Harun was shot in the neck by an Israeli soldier on 1 January. Since then he has been in critical condition in Hebron hospital and paralysed from the neck down.

After his arrest, Sami Hureini was detained for four days but has since been released on bail. He has been unjustly charged with assault, obstruction and unauthorised access to a military zone in connection with the nonviolent demonstration. In the course of the trial, Sami was arrested again in April and released a short time later. The trial against him in the Israeli military court in Ofer is ongoing, with the next trial date set for 31 May 2021.

Sami is an activist and member of the Youth of Sumud group in the South Hebron Hills. In his arrest we see an ongoing attempt by Israeli authorities to repress and criminalise the nonviolent resistance of a new generation of human rights defenders in Palestine.

We are raising awareness in the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel, but also in Germany, about the situation of human rights defenders like Sami and Youth of Sumud and are campaigning for his acquittal from all charges.

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