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Issa Amro arrested

Issa Amro arrested

Palestinian Human Rights Defender was arrested by the Palestinian Preventive Security Office on 4th of September 2017


We demand

  • the immediate release of Issa Amro
  • the protection of freedom of opinion and the adherence to international law and conventions by the Palestinian Authorities and the Israeli Government.

Sign the YAS petition to the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, for the immediate release of Issa Amro.

Issa Amro is co-founder and coordinator of the human rights initiative Youth Against Settlement (YAS) in Hebron, West bank. YAS is KURVE’s project partner in the Framework of the Civil Peace Service (funded by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development).

Issa Amro was summoned for an interview and then detained by the Palestinian Authority’s Preventive Security Service in Hebron. He had criticised on social media that the Palestinian Authority (PA) had arrested a journalist because of his critical remarks of the PA.

Amro’s arrest occurred in the context of escalating repression against the freedom of expression through the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank as well as Hamas in the Gazastrip. In recent months various journalists have been interrogated and detained by the Palestinian Preventive Security Office. In July 2017 a controversial law, the Electronic Crimes Law, was adopted by presidential decree. The law gives the Palestinian Authority and security forces a stronger control on the freedom of the media and prohibits online declarations against the PA.

Just before he was arrested Issa Amro wrote: “All my writings on social media are part of the freedom of opinion and expression stipulated by the Palestinian Basic Law and are protected by all international laws and conventions. My arrest will not affect my defense of human rights and the rights of journalists to exercise their work freely and without pressure from the government.”
Issa Amro is a known Human Rights Defender and an advocate for nonviolent resistance against the Israeli occupation. In the past Issa has been arrested many times by the Israeli army because of his nonviolent resistance against the occupation.

Furthermore, for almost over a year now, the Israeli army has a court case running against Issa Amro in the Israeli Military Court. The Israeli army filed 18 charges against Issa Amro, some of which go as far back as 2010. All of the charges are related to his nonviolent resistance against the occupation.

More information on the “Campaign for the release of Issa Amro”