Applying Do No Harm





Practitioner Training (Englischsprachig)

We want to do good, but might do harm instead. How can we avoid doing harm? The Do No Harm approach was developed by many practitioners engaged in development work and humanitarian assistance to give an answer to this question. Nowadays it is used by many organisations, also particularly in peace and human rights work.

In this training the Do No Harm tool will first be presented by the trainers using a case study. Then participants will be supported in applying the tool to their own projects. In a confidential setting (based on Chatham House rules) the critical details of the project design will be identified and options for a conflict sensitive and effective re-design will be developed. The training is relevant for all who coordinate projects and intend to apply the Do No Harm tool to their own – which might be projects with a focus on peacebuilding, development or humanitarian assistance.

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