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The Foundation

KURVE Peace Foundation

Peace work needs a fixed location, where educational work for conflict transformation and nonviolence can be provided, where exchange and encounter can take place, where assignments for peace workers can be planned and organised.


In order for such work to take place continuously and effectively, there needs to be financial security – especially during difficult economic times. Independence from governmental financial support is required and freedom from the influence of interest groups.

The KURVE Peace Foundation took on the house of KURVE Wustrow, where training and networking on nonviolence and peace take place for more than 35 years. It bears the responsibility for the house, relieving the practical peace work from any concerns about its location. It ensures that the house will be retained for this work in any case.  


Thus, the foundation secures peace work for the future.

Within existing resources, the foundation also seeks to support peace work financially

• through scholarships for the trainings of peace workers
• through loans and grants
• through public relations work and fundraising
as well as other means.

Those who support KURVE Peace Foundation through endowments or donations contribute directly towards providing a sound basis for peace work, enhancing security in planning and increasing the scope for necessary courses of actions. He or she does not invest in a currently existing project. Supporting the foundation is rather an investment in the future. It is a contribution to allow peace work to take place in the future and secure its continuation in later times.

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