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What we do



We develop a wide range of seminars, trainings and advanced courses. We also provide trainers upon request


Educational Projects2_Obersei_Waswirtun_Bildgsprojekte-Kopie1


We implement perennial education projects in Germany. The projects are targeted specifically at young adults to support them in raising their concerns in political decision-making processes.

3_Obersei_Waswirtun_FreiwilligdVoluntary Service

We send out young people through the weltwärts program. We offer advanced trainings for returning volunteers. We train staff of partner organisations, as well as the team providing accompanying educational seminars throughout the service. We also take on volunteers ourselves – for example for a voluntary ecological year.

Civil Peace Service4_Obersei_Waswirtun_ZFD

Through the civil peace service (CPS) we send international peace worker to local partner organisations. We seek to strengthen and support our partners and, through direct experience, promote nonviolence as a tangible option for action.

5_Obersei_Waswirtun_AktionenKampagActions and Campaigns

KURVE Wustrow considers itself part of the peace and anti-nuclear movement, as well as the regional resistance against the planned nuclear waste depositary in Gorleben, Wendland. We call upon people to take action and support actions and campaigns of others.