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Actions and Campaigns

KURVE Wustrow considers itself part of the peace and anti-nuclear movement, as well as the regional resistance against the planned nuclear waste depositary in Gorleben, Wendland.


Contact: Jochen Neumann jneumann(at)

The “gorleben365” Campaign


What is gorleben365?

From August 2011 to August 2012, almost one hundred blockades were carried out. From all over the country groups took on one day, traveled together to Wendland and closed the gates of the nuclear waste storage plant. More than 1500 people blockaded. They interfered with daily operations and obstructed the miners shift changes in the salt stock in Gorleben.


Who where the initiators?

gorleben365 was a joint campaign by KURVE Wustrow – Centre for Training and Networking in Nonviolent Action and the initiative X-tausendmal quer   – non-violently and disobediently against the Castor and nuclear energy.


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