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Training for Former Volunteers

In 2014 KURVE Wustrow once again offers a range of exciting seminars for returned volunteers. Time for registration started on 1 November 2013.


Contact: Katharina Arndt




The following seminars will take place  at KURVE Wustrow:

Prejudice-conscious Behavior – the Anti-Bias-Approach (14. – 16. March 2014)

Refugees and Asylum - lived realities of refugees in Germany (23.-25. May 2014)

Critical Self-positioning – Racism and Critical Whiteness (19.-21. September 2014)


Further seminars and information on how to apply is available here (in German only ):

Flyer 2014 Seminartermine 2014

ONLINEANMELDUNG und Informationen

Detaillierte Beschreibungen Seminartermine 2014 (als PDF)


For further information please see

»Multiplier for Global Learning« 2014
Further training to qualify for educational work in development-policy

You are back in Germany! You have questions related to fair trade, racism or your lifestyle…
You want to share your experiences, connect with others, make a difference… but you don’t know how?!


The Evangelical Forum for Voluntary Service in the area of Development-policy  (eFeF) offers a series of further trainings to qualify for educational work in development-policy under the motto »It’s in your hands…«.


The Project

Following the voluntary service, many young people want to get engaged in educational work in the area of development-policy. Through these further trainings eFeF qualifies returnee to become »Multipliers for Global Learning«.

By participating in these further trainings you deepen your knowledge in development-policy and you learn creative methods to convey your messages through activity-based approaches. The project is financed by the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Evangelical Church in Germany and Bread for the World.



The Evangelical Forum for Voluntary Service in the area of Development-policy (eFeF) is a consortium of church-based and development organizations and associations, who send volunteers to partner organizations through the government-funded weltwärts program.