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Returning and Staying Engaged

You have come back from your weltwärts-program with manifold and vivid impressions? You bring a new perspective on global relations; perhaps even experienced inconsistencies, injustices and failures? You want to change something and make a difference? We have ideas for you on how to become active.        

Contact: Wilma Raabe

Coming Back and Carrying On

Our returnee initiatives are aimed at former volunteers, who want to actively work for more justice and equality, as well as encouraging others. Returnee can assume responsibility and hold democracy at its word. They can pass on their concerns and experiences and tell others what moves them. Former volunteers can effectively influence decision-makers in politics, economics, and the public.

Current projects by returnee

IMG_1406The newly founded working group “Reverse-AG” is reporting about the reverse program – donate for this project!          

We are a group of young people, who have done a voluntary service with KURVE Wustrow in India or Macedonia since 2011. We decided to take it in our hands to advance the South-North exchange. For this, KURVE Wustrow lends just the right support.


We want to use our motivation and experience to make a similar experience possible for young people from our partner countries as we were able to receive through our time with the voluntary service. 

What we are planning

Our plan is to bring two young people from India for a voluntary service to Germany in 2014. Next to being the host organization, KURVE Wustrow will also be their work place. This is, because we consider her work to match the desired political and developmental requirements set by the voluntary service.  


The first steps are the hardest

In addition to their work with KURVE Wustrow, the volunteers are supposed to support likeminded organisations in the area. The main focus of their work will be on environmental protection and ecological agriculture. This is to ensure that the volunteers engage in practical work, especially at the beginning when the language barrier is still high. We have found this highly beneficial ourselves when settling in during our voluntary service. Furthermore, this supports the inclusion and integration of the volunteers in this area, as well as they get to know the work of other organisations.


Please donate to our project. Link zum Spendenportal

For a pilot phase 100 young people will be supported by the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.


And we are in! We have received the approval for two volunteers.

 However, we still need 500,- Euro per month to bring the two volunteers here for one year.

 Become a sponsor and take over part of the costs – already small amounts are welcome! Please visit our donations portal.



Our political objectives for the South-North exchange:

• We want to contribute to a more peaceful and just world and support understanding between different cultures through the social, political and cultural engagement of volunteers and the encounters between people of different cultural backgrounds

• We want to promote the development of a common and mutual learning process between the volunteers and the organisations involved, in particular on the topics of sustainable development

• We want to make a contribution towards building up civil society engagement in our partner countries through the experiences of volunteers

• We want to work towards the abolition of educational privileges of the global North and greater equal opportunities.

Completed projects by returnee

4_Menschen bewegen

Seminar series “MOVING PEOPLE” 2013

The seminar series “moving people” was designed as a training for multipliers and took place on three dates in early 2013. Young people interested in environmental- and development politics participated in the training. They committed themselves and campaigned for a sustainable economy and a fair and considerate use of resources.


The outcome was an association of dedicated young experts, who offered educational projects in schools and elsewhere. What was special about this was the authenticity with which the former volunteers could share their own experiences from conflict affected areas with the students at educational events.      


3_Welt bewegen

Seminar series “moving the world” 2012

The seminar series “moving the world” started in March 2012. The series consisted of four seminars. In between the seminars, the participants received a coaching tailored to their specific projects. The group worked on the topics of climate protection, unfair distribution of resources and the destruction of the environment through the depletion of resources.

The participants learned and practiced creative ways to raise their concerns in processes of political decision-making. This was done by direct political interventions such as campaigning, nonviolent action, theater, street art and other creative ways to translate one’s own concerns into nonviolent direct action.

For more information see the annual report 2012, page 18/19 -->  Verlinkung

2_Rueckaustausch_sThe reverse-exchange program 2011

The so-called reverse exchange was organized by former weltwärst volunteers, who had been sent by KURVE Wustrow to Macedonia, India and Nepal. The idea was to give young people from our partner organizations in the Global South the opportunity to come to Germany. For a short time, they were able to see for themselves what our volunteers had experienced abroad: learning through encounter.

The first reverse-exchange took place from August until September 2011. For ten days, ten young people from India and Macedonia came to Wustrow to discuss issues of environmental protection, food distribution and energy supply together with former KURVE volunteers and students from Lüchow. Thereby, the focus lay on their personal perceptions and experiences with issues around climate and resources.

For more information and pictures see our blog:

the annual report 2010, page 26 --> Verlinkung

the annual report 2011, page 26/27 --> Verlinkung