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The Reverse Working Group

Who we are

As former volunteers of KURVE Wustrow, we are motivated to use our experiences in order to enable young people from our partner countries to have a similar experience as we had in doing our voluntary service.

What we do

We organize a voluntary service in Germany for young people from India. KURVE Wustrow is both host organisation and offers voluntary service placements, as we think that KURVE Wustrow lives up to the development political claim of the voluntary service programme.

Especially the beginning is difficult

On top of this, we would like the volunteers to help in like-minded organisations in the region. If possible, they should help in environmental organisations and agriculture doing practical work until the language barrier has been reduced. This has helped us during our voluntary service to get settled in the organisation and the country. And on top of that, it helps the volunteers to get integrated in the region and to learn about other organisations.

Sponsor this project

The pilot phase of the voluntary service programme by the Federal Ministry for economic cooperation and development started in 2013 with 100 young people from the Global South. It is being funded by 75%.

We are part of the pilot phase! We got the promise to host 2 volunteers.

But we will need additional 550,- Euro per months to cover the costs for their placement during that year. Become a sponsor - small or big contributions are welcome!

More information on the page "Become a sponsor".