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Voluntary Ecological Year

You have successfully completed your school or vocational training and you are between 16 – 26 years old? Then apply with us! We enjoy working with young volunteers.


Contact: Katharina Arndt karndt(at)



How does a Voluntary Ecological Year look like at KURVE Wustrow?

We have more than ten years of experience in hosting young people in our office in Wustrow. Your contact person is Katharina Arndt. She will introduce you to all the different areas of work:


• You are mainly working in the office, where you learn about everyday office organization (phone, emails)
• You take on responsibilities around the coordination of seminars, learn to make invoices and keep financial records
• You support the running of the meeting house, for example in the kitchen, garden, or welcoming new guests
• Accompanying your Voluntary Ecological Year is a range of weekly seminars conducted by the Alfred Toepfer Academy, who runs the program. They deal with a great range of topics, which you will be discussing with your fellow participants, including issues such as the use of resources and climate protection.  

What else is important?

• We provide you with free accommodation in the shared KURVE Wustrow flat
• You will be given an allowance of 235,- Euros
• You have full insurance coverage
• Participating in the accompanying seminars is free of cost
• A work week consists of 38.5 hours
• Holidays are 26 working days per year



How to apply?

If you are interested in doing a Voluntary Ecological Year with us, please visit the webpage of the  Alfred Töpfer Academy for Conservation for all relevant documents on


Further information is available from Katharina Arndt or our current volunteer Annika Rathert.


Anok Sgolik (2013) says:

“I knew if I do a voluntary ecological year with KURVE Wustrow I will also see some protests against nuclear power. With Gorleben the nuclear waste is almost at your doorstep. For example, I helped building the exhibition about the “gorleben365” campaign. My voluntary ecological year had just started when this marathon of blockades came to an end after one year. I think it is good to have such a clear opinion on such a topic. Here, “No to nuclear power” is not just a saying; it’s a way of living.”

Laura Bulat (2012), front centre, recalls:

“During my voluntary ecological year I learned a lot about the weltwärts-voluntary service. Here you can see me with guests from India and Nepal during a visit to the Gymnasium in Lüchow. For many years, KURVE Wustrow has been in close contact to its partner organisations in Asia and the Balkans. To me, I always found it very exciting when the big, wide came to our little Wustrow.”

Birga Fischer (2011) recalls:

"During my voluntary ecological year at KURVE Wustrow, I partly worked at the Peace-Library. When new books arrived, I added them to the data base. I also learned what nonviolence actually means through lots of examples of nonviolent actions in US, India, but also nearby, at Gorleben. Additionally, something I found quite fascinating about KURVE, that this attitude of nonviolence, to which a lot of civil courage and courage in general belongs, could even be found in many aspects of daily live."