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“weltwärts” South-North

Since 2014, the Reverse Working Group of KURVE Wustrow offers a voluntary service in Germany to young adults from the Global South to break up the 'one-way-street' that the "weltwärts" voluntary service has been so far. From 2015 onwards we are offering two volunteers the possibility to do a voluntary service at KURVE Wustrow with weltwärts South-North, plus two more placements in other parts of Germany. {color: #ffce00; font-size:16px;} /*name*/ {color: #fff; font-weight:bold} /*position*/ .team-item-con-h {color: #fff;} /*mail*/ .team-item-con-h a {color: #fff;} /*phone number*/ .team-item-con-h p {color: #fff;}