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Application Process

***Applications are now open***

After much consideration we have decided to move the cycle of our South-North voluntary service. From 2018 onwards, volunteers will start their service during spring instead of autumn. There will be no departure of volunteers in 2017. Instead, you can now apply for a departure in late spring 2018. The deadline for applications is December 9th 23:59 PM (GMT+1).

Sending Organisations in India

As in 2015 and 2016 CEE - Centre for Environment Education in Ahmedabad, Gujarat will act as the sending organisation for the volunteers from India in 2018.


Application and Preparation Process

After the application deadline, selected applicants will be invited to an orientation day organised in cooperation with the Indian sending organisation to get to know prospective volunteers a little better. On the day, we will give more information on the sending organisation, the voluntary service programme itself and the placements. Also, current German volunteers in India will present the partner organisation KURVE Wustrow in Germany. It is a good opportunity for the applicants and us to determine whether we match well.

Immediately after the orientation day, applicants can reaffirm whether they would like to participate and the sending and placement organisations will choose the successful candidates. Only after such mutual agreement will the actual preparation for the voluntary service begin.

About a month before departure to Germany, there will be a preparation seminar addressing organisational matters as well as topics related to individual preparation and sensitivity. Additionally, the volunteers will have opportunity to get to know each other and learn more details about the placement projects in Germany, where they are going to do their service. This seminar is also organised by the sending organisation in India. As during the orientation day, German volunteers currently doing their service in India will support the facilitation.


How to apply!

If you are interested in applying for a South-North voluntary service please read the following Information sheet and the Placement Descriptions. You should then fill out the following application form and along with a photo and a copy of your passport or birth certificate send it to Angelika Vogelmann at exchange(at) {color: #ffce00; font-size:16px;} /*name*/ {color: #fff; font-weight:bold} /*position*/ .team-item-con-h {color: #fff;} /*mail*/ .team-item-con-h a {color: #fff;} /*phone number*/ .team-item-con-h p {color: #fff;}