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What is “weltwärts” South-North

As described here, weltwärts is a volunteering programme for young adults from Germany who want to get engaged for one year in the Global South.

From the beginning, this „one-way street“ arrangement has been criticised by volunteers as well as by sending organisations in Germany. weltwärts was seen as a continuation of colonial structures and demands for an equal exchange on an eye-to-eye level grew ever louder.

Weltwärts South-North is the answer to these demands. In a pilot phase since 2013, the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) enables young adults originating from the Global South to do a voluntary service in Germany. The pilot phase ends in 2016 and the BMZ decided to increase the number of South-North voluntary services.

You can find more Information about weltwärts South-North on www.weltwä


How weltwärts South-North works with us


At KURVE Wustrow, the reception of volunteers via weltwärts is organised by the Reverse-AG, a group of former KURVE volunteers committed to breaking up the one-sidedness of weltwärts. They cooperate with our partner organisations in India, two of whom function as sending organisations. The Reverse-AG has worked out the addmission process and organised the placements for the volunters.

The volunteers arrive in Germany in August and stay for one year. Like weltwärts North-South, they take part in several serminars some of the which take place in their own country and some in Germany. The Reverse-AG takes a lot of responsibility in this process, be it helping volunteers with administration issues, looking for mentors and tutors or supporting the seminars as co-teamers and cooks.

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Our political aims for weltwärts South-North


  • Through the volunteers' social, political and cultural engagement and the encounter with people of different backgrounds we want to contribute to a more peaceful and just world and a dialog between the cultures.

  • We want to promote the development of a common and mutual learning process between the participating volunteers and participating organisations, particularly with regard to sustainable development.

  • Through the experiences the volunteer gathers here we want to contribute to the creation of civil society engagement in the partnering country.

  • We want to decrease the Globals North's educational privileges and work towards a higher equality of opportunities.