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Application Process

Application Process

There are various steps in the application process. First, young people apply to KURVE Wustrow. They send in their CV and a filled-out application form. The deadline for the written application is about 6-8 months before the voluntary service starts between August and October.

Secondly, KURVE Wustrow invites the applicants for an orientation. During a weekend, they receive information on the programme, the partner organsiations, our security management, etc. Also, applicants have time to reflect on their motivation for a voluntary service and have one-on-one interviews.

After this, KURVE Wustrow selects possible volunteers and suggests a partner organisation to them. The volunteer writes a motivation letter for a specific partner and does a skype interview with the potential organisation.

When KURVE Wustrow, the partner organisation and the volunteer agree, the prepartion can start.

For further information please contact Wilma Raabe



General info at a glance:


Age: 18-28 years

Duration of stay: 12 month, plus preparation period and follow-up in Germany

Application period: expected from September to mid-December

Departure: expected in August/September

Countries: Cameroon, Ghana, India, Macedonia

Application documents: CV (in English) and filled-out application form



Requirements / Volunteer Profile

  • Understanding and support of KURVE Wustrow’s objectives
  • Motivation to complete 12 months of service
  • Ability to adjust to a simple(r) way of living
  • Flexibility, interest and openness to adapt to a new environment and deal with it constructively;
  • English or one of the local languages;
  • Willingness to attend and contribute to the educational seminars before, during and after the volutneer service;
  • Willingness to build up a circle of supporters (family, friends, clubs), who will provide moral and financial support during the voluntary service;
  • Between 18 and 28 years old
  • Completed secondary school with vocational training, advanced technical college, high school or an equivalent;
  • Holding either German residency or citizenship.