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Trainings and Seminars

All Trainings and Seminars at a Glance

What do we mean by “training”?

The most common and important method of our work we call training: training nonviolent action, practicing self-confidence and determination, trying out responsibility and courage, acting out situations of fear and aggression.

A training is an experimental field to gain experience in nonviolent action and to try out something unusual and new in a safe environment.

Our motivation

War and violence, social injustice and ecological devastation pose enormous challenges. To meet these we seek to create awareness for nonviolent change and to strengthen people’s capacities for nonviolent action.

 For further information please contact: Jessica Belke training(at)

Our Seminar Programme 2020/21 offers all trainings in summary

On more than 60 pages all of our basic and advanced trainings are explained we're offering till the end of 2021.

1_Oberseite_IT2„International Training for Nonviolence in the Context of War or Armed Conflict“

This training in English language will take place at KURVE Wustrow. It is aimed at staff and activists from peace initiatives, human rights groups, and non-governmental organisations from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe.

IT Flyer  2020 und Application Form IT 2020

Next dates: 10.06.-27.06.2020 / 09.-26.06.2021

5_Oberseite_Kreativ-3-2012Creativity in Conflict – a pedagogical theater training

This basic course in German language consists of four parts and is about dealing creatively with conflicts. Conflicts are a normal part of human relations – however, dealing with them in a constructive and nonviolent manner is not always easy. For this offer we cooperate with Friedenskreis Halle e.V.

Next dates: January 2021 - September 2021

2_Oberseite_FSPractitioner trainings for nonviolent conflict transformation

We offer 5-day practitioner trainings on various topics, held in English language. They are aimed at practitioners, who are active in the area of nonviolent conflict transformation. They serve to deepen existing knowledge and are strongly tailored to the specific needs of the participants.

Next training series: 10.02.-27.03.2020 / 28.09.-13.11.2020 / 01.02.-19.03.2021 / 19.04.-07.05.2021 / 04.10.-19.11.2021

3_Oberseite_Do-no-harm-TrainingDo no harm Trainings

We want to do good, but we have to be careful not to cause the opposite.
As KURVE Wustrow, we sensitise for example our international peace workers prior to departure for the Do no Harm approach – within the framework of the practitioners training “Project Management for Peace Work Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation”.

In addition, we offer a range of other trainings on the Do no Harm approach.

Next “Do no harm Training of Trainers”:  16.-26.08.2020 / 25.07.-04.08.2021

04_5Training as Peace and Movement Worker

We offer a 16-months-course which is praxis-oriented and qualifies as peace as well as movement worker in Germany or abroad.

6_Oberseite_Ausbildung-zur-TrainerinTraining of trainers in nonviolent conflict transformation

From several eastern and western European countries training experiences in nonviolent conflict transformation have been collected for this pilot project. The lasting results are a tested curriculum, a Training of Trainers manual, as well as a final evaluation report.

4_Oberseite_AT_Gorleben092011-KopieNonviolent action training

Your group is planning an action around a nuclear waste transport, a blockade against fascists or an occupation of a GM field? We connect you with a trainer from your region! This way, you can arrange the place, time, and focus of your nonviolent action training. 

8_Obersei_TrainvermittlgIn-house trainings

Upon request, we provide trainers for your specific topic and training needs.

Jessica Belke, our training coordinator, talks about her work: