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Training as Peace and Movement Worker

Training as Peace and Movement Worker

We offer a 16-months praxis-oriented training course which qualifies for a position as international peace worker in the framework of the Civil Peace Service or as a movement worker within Germany or abroad.

Next starting dates: 13.-16.09.2018

Contact: Ambalika Wilhelm ausbildung(at)

Flyer (in German language only) for the training course starting in September 2018

Frequently Asked Questions (in German language only)

Characteristics of our training course

Our training differs from other courses as follows:

  • strong practical orientation through a minimum of three months praxis with supervision by the course trainer
  • strong networking through a selection of pre-arranged practical placements at peacebuilding organisations and movements in Germany and abroad
  • our understanding of conflict transformation explicitly entails nonviolent action and social movements
  • reflection of one's own role and attitudes
  • our focus on conflict-sensitve project management (e.g. Do no harm)
  • high significance of our partner orientation in peace and movement work.

Practical Placements

We arrange some placements for the practical part of the training course at KURVE Wustrow and with other organisations, especially within the framework of the Civil Peace Service.

Also a Junior Peace Worker position in Macedonia is among those practical placements - more information on this job posting here.

Please note: The training is advertised in German language only. But if you are an English-speaker, apply and are to be selected, the whole training will be held in English language! {color: #ffce00; font-size:16px;} /*name*/ {color: #fff; font-weight:bold} /*position*/ .team-item-con-h {color: #fff;} /*mail*/ .team-item-con-h a {color: #fff;} /*phone number*/ .team-item-con-h p {color: #fff;}