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What is the Civil Peace Service (CPS)?


In the mid-1990s the Civil Peace Service was developed by a number of organizations from the German peace movement – including KURVE Wustrow. Since 1998, the Civil Peace Service is a programme funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).
KURVE Wustrow is one of nine nongovernmental as well as governmental agencies, who are sending qualified peace workers in line with the Development Aid Workers Act.   


The goals of the Civil Peace Service are:

• To support the initiatives by local partner organisations in crisis regions, seeking to prevent the outbreak of violent conflicts

• To contribute towards strengthening peaceful means of conflict resolution and securing a sustainable peace by building peace support structures.

What does CPS mean for KURVE Wustrow?

Since 2002, KURVE Wustrow is sending peace workers through the framework of the Civil Peace Service.

The international peace workers sent by KURVE Wustrow are normally integrated in local partner organisations and implement an at least three-year project together in a team with a local counterpart.

We are convinced: Peace cannot be brought from the outside, but must be built by the people themselves. And the cooperation with local peace organisations takes time, it requires a long-term partnership.

Through our cooperation projects, we want to support our partners to expand already existing areas of work and improve these qualitatively; or open up new areas of work and develop new programmes. The exchange with the international peace worker, who as an external person brings a new perspective on the situation, can provide new impetus to the work of the partner organisation.

Sustainability of project activities and maintaining outcomes beyond the duration of the project is of great importance. Therefore, special attention is paid towards building sustainable structures that ensure the continuation of work even after the end of the project.    

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