12 people 12 stories - Ilham Zeda

Gardens and Upcycling Products as Symbols of Resistance

Background for the twelve-part portrait series

In 2020 we celebrated the 40th anniversary of our association. On this occasion we collected stories about successful nonviolent actions, because "nonviolence works". We hear about cunning actions, uncomfortable questions and sometimes about daring blockades.

Twelve old and new companions report: Margit Albers, Wolfgang Hertle, Hagen Berndt, Michael Schneider, Lihi Joffe, Fin Kuhl, Nenad Vukosavljević, Albulena Karaga, Jana Burke, Katja Tempel, Singham Ponnampalam, Mai Ali Shatta and the women's group from Al-Walajah. All 12 stories at a glance.

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conflict transformation
nonviolent action