Making Life go on

Making Life Go On - How the war in Donbas affects civilians
How the War in Donbas Effects Civilians

English language publication "Making Life go on. How the War in Donbas affects civilians". With six case studies on the situation of civilians in the war-affected area in Eastern Ukraine. Published by our partner organisation "Coalition Justice for Peace in Donbas".

This report aims to shed light on the problems with which civilians in Eastern Ukraine struggled as a consequence of the armed conflict in the region. This edited volume contains an analysis of Ukrainian and international legislation and an analysis of the effects of armed conflict on civilian life in Donbas. The authors have also formulated recommendations for governmental and non-governmental organisations within and beyond Ukraine. The volume is targeted at civil society activists, journalists, lawyers and human rightsdefenders and the concerned public.

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"Coalition Justice for Peace in Donbas"

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