KURVE Wustrow Sumud Existence is Resistance
Existance is Resistance

The Al-Walajah Women's Committee developed this photo book. The women give an insight into their life in the Palestinian village of Al-Walajah. Locked between settlements, checkpoints and the wall. What is a joyful leisure activity in our village is being
on the survival strategy: women gardening. The photographs and explanations show how the gardening project strengthens the women's resistance and makes it possible for them and their families to stay in the village. Because 'Sumud' means resistance.

Further insights into the project are provided by the German language radio feature "Sumud - Whoever has a garden already lives in paradise". With acoustic pictures about the situation of women in Al-Walajah. A project within the framework of the Civil Peace Service.

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KURVE Wustrow

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nonviolent action
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