Human rights defender before conviction for nonviolent protest

Issa Amro -a-

Our long-time partner and recognised Human Rights Defender Issa Amro is about to be convicted in a political process. We request the dropping of all charges!

Our partner organisation in the Civil Peace Service programme Youth Against Settlements is strongly threatened. Its founder, and by the German Bundestag, UN and EU as Human Rights Defender [1] recognised Issa Amro is facing conviction in an unjustified, political process before a Israeli military court.

For many years we have been supporting Youth Against Settlements in Hebron in the occupied Palestinian territories in its non-violent work towards the ending of the military occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Issa Amro, founder and longtime coordinator of Youth Against Settlements, is being tried in two proceedings for his non-violent commitment to the protection of Human Rights in the occupied territories. Issa Amro is recognised as Human Rights Defender by the German Bundestag, the United Nations and the European Union. An Israeli military court as well as a court of the Palestinian Authority try him because of his non-violent political activism. In the proceedings before the Israeli military court, the verdict is about to be spoken. Issa Amros advocate expects a decision before the end of the year.

Amnesty International’s former General-Secretary Salil Shetty called the charges against Issa Amro in 2017 baseless[2]. They include for the organisation of demonstrations. We are also convinced, that by this trial and the expected conviction Issa Amro is supposed to be intimidated, isolated and prevented from realising his legitimate, non-violent activism. A Conviction would weaken Youth Against Settlements as well as the whole non-violent, Palestinian movement for the peaceful ending of the military occupation.

KURVE Wustrow requests, that charges in both proceedings against Issa Amro will be dropped.

[1] Amtsberg, Luise (2017): Inclusion of Issa Amro in the PsP programme. (last accessed 11.12.2020)

[2] Shetty, Salil (2017): Standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people, (last accessed 11.12.2020)

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