Training on Nonviolence

International Training on Nonviolence in the Context of War and Armed Conflict

Since 1994 KURVE Wustrow is offering an annual "International Training on Nonviolence in the Context of War and Armed Conflict". The training is held in English and lead by three experienced trainers from three different continents. The 18-day basic course addresses staff and activists from peace initiatives, human rights groups and non-governmental organisations from all over the world.

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Application until 12.03.2023

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Application Form for our Training on Nonviolence

The training offers a comprehensive introduction into civil nonviolent conflict transformation. The participants develop a broad understanding of nonviolence. They will be encouraged in their awareness, attitude and competencies towards nonviolent action. They are able to apply the contents of the training in their private as well as work contexts, and are able to pass this on as multipliers.

The training supports the exchange between participants, in particular south-south-exchanges.

The training is a shared educational learning process which involves mostly participatory exercises that elicit learning from participants’ insights and experiences.

It can be demanding and at times stressful, as this methodology pushes participants to take extra steps and share from a personal as well as from a professional level. The trainers facilitate the learning process and model a nonviolent approach to learning.

At the core of the training are the following contents:

  • Principles of nonviolence, nonviolent direct action and nonviolent conflict transformation
  • Understanding and transforming conflicts
  • Political analysis and strategy of nonviolent action
  • Reconciliation work in war torn societies
  • Human rights, Observing and reporting human rights violations
  • Dealing with stress, fear and traumatic experience
  • Consensus decision making and team work
  • Cultural and gender sensitivity
  • Social movement and online activism
  • Security issues like digital and personal security.

The participatory and experience-based training is focussed on the needs of the participants. The concrete contents and their scope will be decided with the participants at the start of the training. Exchange, reflection and practical exercises are paramount.

Spino Fante is an Anti-Bias and diversity management trainer and lives in South Africa. She has actively worked to promote values and human rights in South African schools and communities. Through the Anti-Racism and Training (ART) Network she facilitated Anti-Bias trainings in Germany and the Netherlands. She focuses on issues of inclusion, anti-discrimination and nonviolent conflict transformation.

Peter Steudtner is a trainer in nonviolent conflict transformation and a photographer / filmmaker. His training focus lies on integrated security for peace, human and environmental rights activists and on the Do No Harm-approach. In order to sensitise and empower people he combines nonviolent action and artistic approaches.

Stella Tamang is a council member of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists and lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. She is involved in various training activities in the field of nonviolent conflict resolution and in the movement of indigenous peoples.

Next Dates

  • 08.–20.06.2023


Seminar house of KURVE Wustrow in Wustrow (Wendland)

Costs and Application


The course fee is

  • 2.800,– Euro for organisations
  • 2.000,– Euro for individuals
  • 1.500,– Euro reduced fee for individuals (upon request)

The course fee covers training material, vegetarian full board and lodging in the seminar house of KURVE Wustrow.

If lack of funds is an obstacle to your participation, please let us know. Depending on availability of funds, we may be able to offer reductions on the participation fee or cover your travel expenses partially.


Applications should reach us as early as possible. We provide the application form for the respective training in due time on our website.

People in need of a visa and/or financial assistance should apply at least 14 weeks before the training starts.

All other should apply at least 6 weeks before the training starts.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept late or incomplete applications.

Please note

For people in need of visa, contact the German Embassy or Consulate as early as possible to find out the conditions for receiving a visa.

We will support you with an official invitation and cover the health insurance during your stay. All other documents must be produced by you.

Application Form for our Training on Nonviolence

Contact Persons

Kerstin Lange

it [at] kurvewustrow [dot] org (it(at)

The trainings are very effective. They gave me not only the necessary knowledge about peace and nonviolence, but also the opportunity to get in contact with activists from around the world.

Nasra Khan, former participant, Pakistan

In our seminar programme you'll find all trainings that we offer in 2023/24. It is bilingial in German and English.