Seminar House

Our house and organisation carries the name “KURVE”, which means “curve” or "bend" in English. This is due to its location in a sharp bend of the main road in Wustrow. The house is a former pub and guesthouse in half-timbered style. Built some 200 years ago, the house was purchased and set up for its current use by our association in 1981.

A few years ago the ownership of house was transfered to the KURVE Friedensstiftung (peace foundation). And in 2020 the foundation has bought the two neighbouring buildings to "make more space for peace".

Currently, the house offers accommodation for 22 guests and has two meeting rooms. The garden offers opportunities to eat outside, relax, play, and make a campfire.

The rooms are divided as follows:

2 x 2 beds,   3 x 4 beds,   1 x 6 beds

There are two bathrooms available, each with two toilets and two showers.


We developed and implemented a detailled Protection and Hygiene Concept so that we are able to use our seminar house for events with or without food and lodging during the Corona pandemic.

Upon info [at] kurvewustrow [dot] org (request) we will send the current info for guests.

Contact Person

Sarah Plocharska

tagungshaus [at] kurvewustrow [dot] org (tagungshaus(at)