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Enable young people to do voluntary service in Germany
Although weltwärts Süd-Nord has been financially supported by the Federal Ministry for Development and Cooperation (BMZ) since 2014, 25% of the costs for the voluntary service still have to be financed through donations.

It is best to support the volunteers with a sponsorship on a regular basis.
Whether you give 20, 50 or 80 Euros - every contribution is important, even if it is a small one.

For an equal learning process!
Finally, no more one-way streets...

The South-North exchange is similar in structure to the voluntary service that many young people have experienced themselves with KURVE Wustrow. The volunteers spend a year in an organisation that works, for example, on environmental issues or non-violence or supports projects with a focus on alternative energies or sustainable business.

The sponsorship money is fully used for the South-North Volunteer Service Programme, e.g. to pay visa fees, accommodation and travel costs, seminars or other necessities.

Your advantages

  • More money for peace and social justice.
  • Your direct debit authorisation saves administrative costs.
  • Can be cancelled at any time without notice.
  • KURVE annual report free of charge.
  • As a sponsor, you also receive reports from the South Volunteers and the Reverse-AG.

Contact Person

Katharina Arndt karndt [at] kurvewustrow [dot] org (karndt(at)kurvewustrow.org)