Our Approach

On 1st of February 2021 the military in Myanmar has arrested the democratically elected government and stopped the democratisation process with massive violence. Since then millions of people engage in peaceful protests and strikes and try to make the country ungovernable for the military.

Against this background, we are currently supporting activists in their nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience.

In the longterm and within the framework of the Civil Peace Service, we empower our local partners to achieve the following main objectives:

Key civil society actors in Myanmar have civil conflict management skills and apply them actively in their daily lives and work practices. They thus contribute to the dismantling of stereotypes and prejudice, counter various forms of discrimination and help to break the spiral of violence and create a more peaceful society.

In parallel, civil society stakeholders play an active role in the transformation process by publicising their views, needs and agendas through nonviolent campaigns, lobbying and advocacy and articulating them successfully to policy-makers. In a best-case scenario, they bring about the amendment of discriminatory legislation and procedures and, through a rights-based approach, make a significant contribution to democratic change.

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Demands of civil society in Myanmar

"Protect the nonviolent protests and democracy in Myanmar!" This and other demands we passed on to the German government.

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Project Details at a Glance


“Strengthening local capacities for nonviolent conflict transformation and political participation”

International Peace Worker:

Laura Faludi

Elaine Haller

Judith Kunze (Regional Coordinator Myanmar)

Contact Person

Lisa Wevelsiep

lwevelsiep [at] kurvewustrow [dot] org (lwevelsiep(at)

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