How do I become a peace worker?

KURVE Wustrow Friedensfachkraft werden - a

We train and develop civil peace workers. We develop our specialist positions according to the needs of our partner organisations and advertise them once they have been approved.

Working together with a local partner organisation to strengthen civil society is one of the main goals of the Civil Peace Service. Our peace workers work in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

They are integrated into local teams in highly interesting but also demanding areas of operation. Our experts are prepared through customised qualification in Germany. During their assignment abroad, they are accompanied by our dedicated coordinators and can draw on the support of external specialists and coaches.

In addition to having their living expenses covered in accordance with the Development Workers' Secondment Act, the peace worker benefit from comprehensive social security and a wide range of support for their reintegration in Germany. Further training, also during the assignment if required, rounds off the range of services. The secondment in accordance with the Development Workers Secondment Act is carried out in cooperation with our partner organisation "EIRENE Internationaler Christlicher Friedensdienst e.V.".

Our peace worker profile

Employees of the Civil Peace Service (CPS) are qualified peace workers who are individually prepared by us for their multi-year assignment abroad. The preparation period usually lasts two to six months. To this end, training courses must be attended both in-house and at external training centres.

Civil Peace Service Workers have several years of professional experience and have both feet firmly on the ground. Working abroad is an enriching experience, but also a great challenge. It requires a high level of social skills, patience, flexibility and resilience.

Further requirements:

  • Completed vocational training or studies
  • Good language skills in English and, depending on the country of assignment, also French or Spanish
  • Commitment to civil society
  • Organisational and negotiating skills
  • Specialist qualifications for the respective assignment location
  • ability to work in a team
  • emotional stability
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