What is weltwärts North-South?

weltwärts is a development policy voluntary service programme. It was launched in 2008. It is implemented by civil society organisations such as KURVE Wustrow. It is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The programme has grown considerably in recent years. Meanwhile, 180 organisations send a total of about 3,300 young adults from Germany. Since 2011, there has also been a South-North component. This means that young people can also come to Germany for service.

The fine difference

Every sending organisation is different - from the preparation to the profile of the placement sites. We only send a few volunteers and get to know each other well beforehand. Our partner organisations have different focuses. They are often connected to social movements and networked with each other. We have been working with many of them for a long time.

Volunteering with us means

  • learning and peace service abroad
  • spending 12 months with one of our partner organisations
  • working for human rights and a more ecologically sustainable use of nature and resources
  • learning to better understand global interrelationships
  • reflect on your own privileges, attitudes and lifestyle
  • gain more independence
  • use what they have learned and the experience they have gained for social engagement or in their professional life.

Preparation and accompaniment mean a lot to us

The preparation for the volunteer service begins with the signing of the volunteer service contract. We will help you contact your host organisation and set up your support group, take out the necessary insurances for you, send you documents for the authorities and help you with the visa application.

Before leaving the country, fears, hopes and expectations are often mixed. Our 10-day departure course (ASK) helps you to become aware of these and to clarify questions. You get to know yourself and your own strengths better and get ideas on how to deal with difficult situations. We also deal with postcolonialism and reflect on our own privileges.

During the year, we are the contact point for questions and in difficult situations. We have regular contact via email, Skype or in person.

After half of the time abroad, the so-called intermediate seminar takes place for all volunteers in the country of assignment. KURVE organises its own interim seminar in India. In other countries, German partner organisations take over this task.

We want to encourage young people to volunteer. But before that, it is important to evaluate the voluntary service. Most of the time abroad goes by much faster than expected. The return is not always easy. That's why we first have a return seminar to look back on the year together and say goodbye to the time we spent together doing voluntary service.

After a few months, the question often arises of how to carry what we have learned into our own everyday lives. For this purpose, we have a deepening seminar on development policy, which also deals with our return initiatives.

"The seminar gave me quite a lot of courage, gave me more confidence in myself and taught me many things that seem very useful. My anticipation is growing and I am more and more excited, but I guess that is part of it."

This is how volunteer Leonie assessed her exit course with us.

The costs

For our volunteers, we cover the costs of accommodation and meals and pay pocket money. We pay for the outward and return journey to the country of assignment, insurance and subsidise language courses. Seminar costs, pedagogical support, coordination and safety management are also covered by us.

In return, our volunteers support the work of KURVE Wustrow by building up a support group. We explain exactly how it all works at our orientation seminar.

Contact Person

Nele Simon 

freiwilligendienst [at] kurvewustrow [dot] org (freiwilligendienst(at)kurvewustrow.org)