Application procedure

weltwärts South-North

Since 2015, CEE - Centre for Environment Education in Ahmedabad, Gujarat / India is the sending organisation for volunteers from India. CEE is supported by Reverse-AG India - an association of former South-North volunteers who did a year of voluntary service at KURVE Wustrow in Germany.

Application and entry
Our South-North volunteers usually travel to Germany at the beginning of the year. The application procedure always takes place six months before in India. Due to corona delays, the next entry into Germany is scheduled for approximately August 2022.

For the selection, application documents are sent to interested persons. On this basis, the applicants are invited to an orientation day in Ahmedabad. This is organised by the sending organisation CEE in India. Here the young people receive a lot of information about CEE itself and also about the host organisation KURVE Wustrow in Germany. In addition, the applicants receive all the important information about the course of a voluntary year as well as a first look at their possible placement in Germany. After the orientation day, the volunteers are selected. Afterwards, the intensive preparation for their voluntary service begins.

More information
Background information and application forms are available for download on the Application process page.

Contact Person

Katharina Arndt karndtl [at] kurvewustrow [dot] org (karndt(at)