40th Anniversary

Our anniversary year

We got off to a good start in January with discussion rounds, exhibitions and first celebrations.

Since March, all planned events had to take a corona break - unfortunately also the international anniversary conference and the summer party on the construction site of our new seminar house.

After many cancellations we decided to conduct our annual meeting on-site as well as digital.

Events 2020/21

Members' Meeting

General assembly as a hybrid event - everyone is cordially invited!

Date: So 15 November 2020 from 10:00 to 15:00


  • Digital via video conferencing tool
  • Live at Wustrow's community centre (socially distances, thus limited seats only)

Content: With exciting small groups in which we present our four areas of our work in detail

Language: only in German language

Registration: Please register by 11.11.2020 at info [at] kurvewustrow [dot] org (subject: KURVE%20Wustrow%20members%27%20meeting%202020) (info(at)kurvewustrow.org).

Summer Party in May 2021

On Saturday, 29.05.2021 we invite everyone to join!

Starting at 15:00 hours.

An 'Open Day' with guided tours through the old and new buildings and of course with a great dance party in the evening.

Nonviolence works

Michael Schneider Aktion

12 people 12 stories

40 years KURVE Wustrow. On this occasion we have collected stories about successful nonviolent actions that are worth telling, we hear about cunning actions, uncomfortable questions and sometimes daring blockades. In conversation with founding members, long-time companions, former volunteers or peace workers.

Margrit Albers, Wolfgang Hertle, Hagen Berndt, Michael Schneider, Albulena Karaga and many others tell us their story.

Originally planned events in the anniversary year 2020