Do No Harm-Training of Trainers


What is "Do No Harm"?

We want to do good—but we might do harm instead!

Good intentions are not enough. We need to be very careful when working for peace and development. We need to be skilled in conflict sensitive approaches like Do no harm.

The Do no harm-Approach was developed in the Local Capacities for Peace Project by many practitioners under the guidance of the Collaborative for Development Action. It is widely spread and appreciated by many local and international organisations working on development, emergency response, peace and human rights.

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Application Form for our Do No Harm-Training of Trainers

The learning objectives are:

  • to improve the training skills of participants
  • to familiarise participants with the methodology (case study teaching in particular) and exercises for conducting various formats of Do No Harm-Workshops
  • to practice as a team of participants the format of a one-day Do No Harm-Introductory Workshop in a real-life application.

The Do no harm-Training of Trainers consists of two parts – the training itself and a practical application.

After a session on the first evening, the training will start with a full-day Do no harm-Introductory Workshop which will serve as model. On the following days this model training design will be reflected and practiced by the participants in small groups.

The revised "Do No Harm Trainer's Manual" will be issued but participants will be invited to develop their own adaptations and new ways of teaching Do No Harm.

Additionally participants will gain an overview of selected learning theories, principles of adult education as well as selected training concepts like Action Learning.

The practical application is essential for the learning process and will be accompanied by the trainers. Participants will prepare and conduct as a team their own one-day Do No Harm-Introductory Workshop with a real external audience in Berlin.

The ToT concludes with an evaluation of the practical application and subsequent inputs by the trainers to further improve the training skills of the participants.

Upon completion a certificate as Do No Harm-Trainer will be issued.

The Do No Harm-Training of Trainers addresses everybody who not only wants to use the Do No Harm-Approach in managing projects but also wants to teach others how to use this tool. Prior experience in conducting trainings in a participatory manner is necessary.

Prior knowledge of the Do no harm-Approach is not a requirement as the training will start with a profound introduction to Do no harm.

The focus of the training is mainly on conflict transformation and peace work. However, participants with a background in development work or humanitarian assistance are more than welcome as historically the tool comes from these fields.

The training will probably be held in English as we expect international participants. In any case the training material is in English. Thus, participants should be fluent in English.

Wolfgang Heinrich has a background of 30 years of development work with non-governmental organisations. From 1996 to 2001 he was a member of Mary B. Anderson's international team for the „Local Capacities for Peace Project“, which facilitated the development of the Do no harm-Approach. He is a Do No Harm-Trainer and engaged in implementing, testing and developing as well as disseminating it. Since 2016 he is a freelance consultant and accompanies local non-governmental organisations in South Asia and the Horn of Africa.

Jochen Neumann is a trainer in nonviolent conflict transformation and the Do No Harm-Approach. He worked on mediation and reconciliation in South Africa. From 2001 to 2004 he coordinated the implementation of Do no harm at Peace Brigades International, a human rights organisation which offers protective accompaniment to local human rights defenders. Since October 2004 he is director of KURVE Wustrow.

In December 2018 both trainers have published the revised "Do No harm-Trainer's Manual".

Next Dates

Applying Do No Harm // online
12.05. and 22.+26.+29.05. and 02.+05.+09.+12.06.2023

Do No Harm-Training of Trainers // in presence

Venues and Schedule

Applying Do No Harm // Online
See our flyer for the technical requirements.

Do No Harm-Training of Trainers // in Presence
The first part of the training takes place at the seminar house of KURVE Wustrow in Wustrow (Wendland). It starts on Sunday at 19:30 h with dinner and an evening session. The first part ends on Friday at 16:30 h.

The second part of the training will be held at the headquarter of Bread for the World / Protestant Development Service in Berlin. It starts on Monday at 09:00 h and will last till Wednesday at 17:00 h.

Costs and Application

Applying Do No Harm // Online


The course fee is

  • 600,– Euro for organisations
  • 400,– Euro for individuals
  • 350,– Euro reduced fee for individuals (upon request)


Application until 16.04.2023 via this link.



Do No Harm-Training of Trainers // in presence


The course fee is

  • 2.800,– Euro for organisations
  • 2.000,– Euro for individuals
  • 1.500,– Euro reduced fee for individuals (upon request)

The course fee covers training material, a printed copy of the Do No Harm-Trainers Manual, the certificate as well as vegetarian full board and lodging from Sunday to Friday (dormitory style) during the first part in the seminar house of KURVE Wustrow.

Note: Food and lodging for the weekend in between the two parts and for application part in Berlin are not covered.


Applications should reach us as early as possible. The application form for the Do No Harm-Training of Trainers is activated.

People in need of a visa and/or financial assistance should apply no later than 10 April 2023.

All other should apply no later than 04 June 2023.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept late or incomplete applications.

Please note

For people in need of visa, contact the German Embassy or Consulate as early as possible to find out the conditions for receiving a visa.

We will support you with an official invitation and cover the health insurance during your stay. All other documents must be produced by you.

Application Form for our Do No Harm-Training of Trainers

Do No Harm-Trainer's Manual

The "Do  No Harm Trainer's Manual" was published in December 2018 and is a revision of the original version by CDA Collaborative Lerning Projects from 2002. The new version entails role-plays and more tested case studies from numerous trainings in Africa and South Asia. In this edition the perspective of peace work is covered for the first time.


Applying Do No Harm

In this 5-day Practitioner Training in English language we cover not only the basics of the Do No Harm-Approach but also accompany participants in applying the approach to their own projects.

Contact Person

Kerstin Lange

donoharm [at] kurvewustrow [dot] org (donoharm(at)"_blank"

In our seminar programme you'll find all trainings that we offer in 2023/24. It is bilingial in German and English.