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A bloody civil war had been going on since 1983, and its end in 2009 did not resolve the tensions between Tamils and Sinhalese, but rather exacerbated many problems. Our aim is to come to terms with this period, which was marked by massacres on both sides, executions and massive human rights violations. Since 2009, there has been no public discussion about the civil war in Sri Lanka, nor has there been a real dialogue with the Tamils.

The Maatram Foundation, which has also been supported by KURVE Wustrow since 2016, considers this a permanent problem for peace in Sri Lanka. For example, the construction of Buddhist temples in the Hindu-influenced Tamil areas in the north and east of Sri Lanka continues unabated, which is seen by Tamil critics as a state-sponsored attack on Tamil culture. Muslims once displaced by the LTTE because of their alleged proximity to the central government are returning to the Tamil areas, where they are now demanding more land for themselves because of their "population growth", thus reviving old tensions.

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Illustration Artikel Wolfgang Labuhn "Die Hände reichen für einen Wechsel"

No public discussion about the civil war

An Article by journalist Wolfgang Labuhn: "Joining Hands for Change". About the work of our partner organisation "Maatram Foundation".

Illustration Artikel Jutta Sommerbauer „Von Dokumentation bis Dialog"

Recognition of the suffering of others

Artikel der Journalistin und Politikwissenschaftlerin Jutta Sommerbauer: „Von Dokumentation bis Dialog“. Über unseren Dealing with the Past-Ansatz und die Aufarbeitung der Vergangenheit durch „Maatram Foundation“ in Sri Lanka.

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Violence against foreigners increased in Berlin and surrounding

A portrait of our peace expert Singham in "Peace Counts". He enters his home country while the war is still raging.  He comes from Berlin, where he lived for 15 years. He is known as a political activist and brilliant persuader.  He has a German passport, a German wife, a house in Kreuzberg "with an underground station, wholemeal bread and old-age insurance". In 1995 he decided to go back. Had he gone mad?

Our Partner in the Region:

Maatram Foundation was established in 2013 in Vavuniya. "Maatram" means "change" in English and the foundation concentrates its work on three areas. Its free citizen advice service is open to all people. The approximately 30 full-time employees of the Maatram Foundation try to provide practical help in solving individual problems. For example, women are supported in the search for their husbands who have been missing since 2009. The foundation also offers advice on family conflicts, drug problems and social issues. In addition to providing direct help to those in need, the Maatram Foundation also tries to lay the foundations for a new civil society in the Tamil regions. They focus on dialogue and want to work together with the government to resolve issues such as the fate of missing persons or land issues. The foundation offers training seminars and workshops on how to deal with government agencies and also discusses new approaches with the government itself.

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"Strengthening the participation of civil society in dealing with the past

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