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Since 2019, KURVE Wustrow has been cooperating with Bana Group for Peace and Development, a feminist network of human rights and peace activists, in Sudan as part of the Civil Peace Service. Bana works to ensure that the voices of women in particular, who are repeatedly marginalised (e.g. due to ethnic origin, marital status, physical impairment or social position), are brought into the transition process from a military to a civilian government in Sudan.

The Bana members have also been affected by the devastating war between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces militias since 15 April 2023. Many families had to flee, the German professionals had to be evacuated. The war has taken on catastrophic dimensions. Thousands of civilians have already died, at least 2.8 million people are on the run (as of mid-July 2023), about 1.9 million of them internally in the country.

Even though the situation in Sudan is still chaotic depending on the location and sometimes heavy fighting is taking place in the project area, Bana Group is still active in its fields of work. More than ever, it is crucial to support human rights defenders in their local communities and to work for lasting peace and a path to democracy.

Against this background, we continue to support our local partners in the following areas:

  • Providing training for human rights defenders and their local communities from different regions of Sudan, with the aim of strengthening trust-building and reconciliation.
  • Since the outbreak of war in April 2023, especially to counteract the arming of the civilian population, to strengthen non-violent resistance practices instead, and to strengthen the organisation of neighbourly assistance and cohesion.
  • Advocacy and campaigning to demand an end to fighting and justice for crimes committed, and to strengthen freedom of expression, minority rights, women's rights, children's rights, and land and health rights.
  • Implementing different pilot projects to bring about direct change at the community level to reduce prejudice and empower and protect women.

More from the Projects

Sudan Graffiti 20230423 - c

Solidarity with the civilian population in Sudan

Make your donation possible to provide emergency support to particularly vulnerable groups.

KURVE Wustrow Sudan Bana Studie Vorstelung Berlin 20221210 - f

Voices from Sudan

After the Sudanese revolution in 2019, the Sudanese women's organisation Bana Group interviewed 150 marginalised women in their country. The resulting study is now available and was presented to the German public for the first time in Berlin in December 2022.

KURVE Wustrow Bana Study Sudan cover b

"It is about gender equality".

The women of our partner organisation Bana conducted interviews with marginalised women from different regions and communities in Sudan, the results of which were compiled and evaluated in a study. The aim was to find out how they and other multi-marginalised women can influence the transition process after the dictatorship in such a way that the needs of disadvantaged women are continuously reflected and improved.

KURVE Wustrow Bana Policy Brief Sudan cover - aa

"We wanted to know if after the revolution the lives of women in our country can be improved?"

The 8-page paper is an excerpt from the comprehensive study "Voices of the Margins". It contains the main demands of Bana, a group of women human rights defenders from Sudan.

Our Partners in the Region:

Bana is a group of women human rights defenders from all over Sudan who have been working together across ethnic and regional boundaries since 2017. They supported each other and participated together in the 2019 revolution. Bana sees itself as a grassroots network that works nonviolently and makes decisions by consensus.

It aims to strengthen the cooperation of women human rights defenders across ethnic boundaries throughout Sudan. It wants to work locally and nationally towards a more just, peaceful and free society.

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Project Details at a Glance


"Strengthening women's voices in the Sudanese transition process"

International Peace Worker:

Brandie Podlech (Bana Group for Peace And Development - Bana)

Fetle Seifu (Regionalkoordinatorin Sudan)

Contact Person

Lisa Gann

lgann [at] kurvewustrow [dot] org (lgann(at)

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