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Voices of the Margins

The women of our partner organisation Bana conducted interviews with marginalised women from different regions and communities in Sudan, the results of which were compiled and evaluated in a study. The aim was to find out how they and other multi-marginalised women can influence the transition process after the dictatorship in such a way that the needs of disadvantaged women are continuously reflected and improved. This is not a desk study done by external researchers, but the result of participatory action research carried out by activists in their own communities and supported by advisors from KURVE Wustrow.

Background: After the Sudanese revolution in 2019, marginalised positions are to be brought into the transition process. Here, it is particularly important to strengthen multiply marginalised women. The historical moment should be used to bring the concerns and proposals of marginalised women into the new system and to sustainably demand them at regional, national and international level. At the same time, women human rights activists are to be strengthened in their local communities.

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KURVE Wustrow / Bana

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empowerment of women
conflict transformation