Donation for Palestine-Israel

Your donation will help nonviolent activists in the West Bank to support their village communities with basic necessities.

The Hamas massacre and the kidnapping of Israeli civilians on October 7 have caused deep despair and worldwide shock. Israel's subsequent war with Hamas has already cost the lives of more than 10,000 people in Gaza. While international attention is focused on developments in Gaza, the level of violence in the West Bank has also risen significantly.

Our partners do not want to be part of this escalation, but remain committed to the need for a political solution. "In these difficult times, we are not on the side of states or flags - we are on the side of human rights and the people who defend them," writes one of our Israeli partner organizations.[1]

In the West Bank, KURVE Wustrow cooperates with three volunteer groups committed to non-violence. In the past, they have supported their communities by providing medical and psychological first aid, providing unarmed protective accompaniment for shepherds, school children and during the olive harvest, installing protective devices for windows, building water connections for underserved communities, carrying out measures to empower women and much more.

Our partner initiatives in the West Bank report currently about recurring armed attacks by violent settlers who are – at least partially – supported by the Israeli government. Nonviolent activists from the South Hebron Hills (Masafer Yatta) explain: "Under the guise of war, settlers are storming villages in the West Bank, threatening Palestinians and destroying their homes and livelihoods. We are responding to the needs of the communities and trying to protect the residents of Masafer Yatta to the best of our ability. In recent weeks, people have been in need of basic necessities as the situation has become increasingly unbearable, with shortages of food, water, medicine and electricity." Other nonviolent partners from the Jordan Valley report about stolen livestock: “Families have lost their only source of livelihood, grazing, as they have no livestock after being stolen by Israeli settlers and no land suitable for grazing after being dispossessed of their land in the Jordan Valley. We are now working to provide emergency relief to these families by providing money to rent houses for them, furniture, electrical appliances, kitchen utensils and clothes, as well as books, toys and bags for the children who have literally lost everything."

Furthermore, many of the Palestinian villages have currently been closed off by the Israeli military so that people and essential goods can no longer get in and out. This goes for example for the village of Al-Walajah, where KURVE Wustrow’s office is situated. The women’s group, that is supported by KURVE Wustrow claims: “The village has been closed off completely and the economic situation is worsening steadily. Most villagers have lost their jobs in the last weeks.
We want to make sure that families in Al-Walajah survive this economic hardship through creative sustainable means.”

The reports of our partner initiatives are supported by data from human rights organizations such as B'Tselem and the UN: As a result of violent, physical threats and the deteriorating humanitarian situation, living conditions for the civilian population in the West Bank are becoming unbearable and people are forced to flee their homes. By 20.11.2023, 16 Palestinian villages in Area C of the West Bank have been abandoned.[2]

Especially in times of escalating violence, it is a great challenge to adhere to nonviolence. Our partner initiatives decide to do this time and again. They want to continue to support their communities with emergency aid and need your donation for:

  • Food and basic necessities (hygiene kits, headlamps, small batteries, etc.) for distribution to underserved communities
  • Electricity installations including generators and possibly solar panels to repair destroyed installations or to communities whose access to electricity is currently disrupted
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Emergency shelters for refugees
  • Transportation costs of activists for visits to the communities and distribution campaigns as well as for people who temporarily leave their villages out of fear
  • Livelihood support (e.g. contribution to agriculture and livestock farming, such as seeds and animals)
  • immediate legal assistance in cases of charges of nonviolent activism 
  • Measures to maintain mental health/psychosocial support

Transparency note: KURVE Wustrow uses 3% of the donations to cover the administrative costs incurred (bank transfer costs and administrative staff).


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