Demands of civil society in Myanmar

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In an open letter numerous groups, organisations and networks from the civil society in Myanmar demand action from the international community, specifically the UN Human Rights Council.

We support these demands:

  • protect protestors and civil rights,
  • international attention and monitoring expected,
  • full respect of international humanitarian and human rights law,
  • resume humanitarian aid.

Full version of „Open Letter from Civil Society Organizations callling on the United Nations Council Regarding the Urgent Situation in Myanmar” dated from 9 February 2021

We passed the demands on to the German government. In particular the Human Rights Commissioner of the Federal Governement, Ms. Dr. Kofler, we urge:


As a Commissioner of the Federal Government, advocate publicly and in the political bodies and forums accessible to you for the demands of Myanmar civil society and the protection of democracy in Myanmar.

Call on the Federal Government to speak clearly on the situation and support a meaningful resolution at the Special Session of the UN Human Rights Council on 12.02.2021.

Please act quickly as the illegitimate military government is becoming more entrenched every day, repression is increasing and the democratic gains of recent years are being lost.

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