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"No" to repressive policies of Israel

In August, the Israeli army entered the offices of human rights organisations to enforce their closure. We declare our solidarity with the internationally respected groups in an ad in a major German daily newspaper.

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Seminar House Inauguration

The new house will have a large hall and four small seminar rooms. In the modern cafeteria with outdoor terrace our guests can relax and enjoy the delicious vegetarian food.

You want to become a peace worker?
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In our media library you'll find info material, publications, videos and much more

A Closer Look

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12 people 12 stories

Read the new brochure now: In 2020 we celebrated our 40th anniversary. To mark the occasion, we collected stories about successful nonviolent actions and talked to twelve companions. They tell of crafty actions, uncomfortable questions and daring blockades.

KURVE Wustrow Corona Infobild - Nepal

Peace Work in Corona Times

Civil Peace Service: In our partner projects the corona effects are massively felt. The already disadvantaged groups are now suffering even more. We are looking at the situation in Nepal, Ukraine and the Balkans.

We wanted to combine political education with nonviolent action in a region immediately affected by conflict.

Founding member Wolfgang Hertle about the beginning 40 years ago

If you want to create a world without violence, you have to get there without violence. You have to anticipate your goal in the course of your action.

Margrit Albers was co-founder in 1980

International cooperation must not be a one-way street where we Europeans impose our own concepts and methods upon the rest of the world. What really matters is an exchange at eye-level and mutual cross-fertilisation.

Until 2002, Hagen Berndt significantly shaped the KURVE Wustrow


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