Holistic Security




KURVE Wustrow / Germany

Practitioner Training "Holistic Security" (English speaking)

Participants are able
• to carry out in-depth risk and context analysis to improve their personal and organisational security practices
• to create basic security plans and protocols for common or high-risk aspects of their work and activism
• to know and choose secure practices and tools according to their own situation and capacity

Activists and peace workers face many risks depending on their contexts. This training combines physical, psychosocial and digital elements of security and care with security planning and management into an integrated approach. It will stimulate participants to think critically and act to improve the security of themselves, their communities, and families with the objective of “well-being in action”.

Based on the Holistic Security Approach, this training enables participants to reframe security into community-care and self-care within their contexts, collectives and organisations to face different forms of repression and violence.


Marianne Koch
Peter Steudtner

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