Situation in Sudan in November 2023

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Statement on the situation in Sudan - Update November 2023

The war in our CPS partner country Sudan continues. The fighting between the Sudanese military (SAF) and the RSF militia has killed thousands of civilians since April and displaced 5.8 million people within Sudan and beyond the country's borders ( Sudan's population is thus currently experiencing the world's largest displacement crisis.

While representatives of civilian politics in Addis Ababa and representatives of the RSF and SAF in Saudi Arabia are once again presenting themselves on the negotiating stage, the capital Khartoum and the south-western states of Kordofan and Darfur remain the scenes of bloody fighting.

In Elfashir, the capital of North Darfur and home to the regional office of our partner organisation Bana Group for Peace and Development, the mayor sounded the alarm at the end of October and called on the 280,000 inhabitants to evacuate - massive attacks on the military headquarters in Elfashir and residential areas have begun. Our Bana colleagues initially had to flee on foot over long distances as there were few transport options. It is uncertain how many victims the air strikes and ground attacks between the RSF and SAF in Elfashir have claimed so far. However, even high-ranking US government officials are now sounding the alarm ( Throughout Darfur, the RSF militia has recently massively expanded its control and captured the largest towns, Nyala and Zalingei. Residents and displaced people report massive violence, torture and massacres.

We remain in contact with our colleagues from our partner organisation as much as possible. Once again, we reiterate their urgent demands for an immediate cessation of all hostilities and humanitarian aid for the civilian population.

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