Project Management




KURVE Wustrow / Wendland

Fachseminar "Project Management" (englischsprachig)

Participants are able

  • to assess the strengths and weaknesses of selected project management approaches and tools
  • to select the relevant and appropriate tools for their project context
  • to apply key elements of selected project management tools

Peace work needs proper planning, monitoring and evaluation in order to be able to contribute positively towards conflict transformation. In this training we will deal with questions about effec-tive ways to promote peace and respective tools are offered to find valid answers. These approach-es and tools range from Outcome Mapping to Do No Harm and Reflecting on Peace Practice.Participants will gain insights into selected tools and have the opportunity to apply these tools to their own projects and/or case studies.

Participants will assess the strengths and weaknesses of these tools in order to choose and adapt the right tools for managing their peace projects. The training is relevant for all who intend to engage in or are already in a position to coordinate peace projects.


Gesa Bent
Kerstin Gollembiewski
Jochen Neumann

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