Realising Gender Equity




KURVE Wustrow / Wendland

Fachseminar "Realising Gender Equity" (englischsprachig)

Participants are able

  • to understand the basic concept of gender sensitivity in civil society organisations and activists’ movements
  • to identify in which ways gender is relevant for themselves in their context
  • to plan concrete steps for advancing a safer space and gender sensitive mainstreaming

In this training, we will look at power differences from a gender perspective. Social norms are interacting with power issues and shape society’s understanding of “men” and “women” and their “appropriate” roles at work and in the public sphere. A more just society relies on gen-der-sensitive civil society organisations.

This training, therefore, will look at the relevance of ‘gender’ on an individual and organisational level. Together we will develop an organisation-specific plan for creating a momentum of change and a plan for transformation.


Liron Peleg Hadomi
Lihi Levian
Joffe Rawia Loucia

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