Strategising Nonviolent Change in Social Movements




KURVE Wustrow / Wendland

Fachseminar "Strategising Nonviolent Change in Social Movements" (englischsprachig)

Participants are able

  • to assess the complexity of social change, the functioning of movements, and the role of power
  • to apply relevant tools for conflict analysis, movement analysis, as well as strategising
  • to support the build-up of strategies that are adaptive and resilient in complex and changing contexts

Actions and campaigns without a strategy might not create the desired change – and neither will endless strategising without implementing actions. In this training, we explore how social change happens, how movements function, and how we can use tools for building up pow-er and adapt strategies to be resilient in complex and changing contexts.

Based on their own case examples, they will learn about rational, creative and narrative approaches to strategising, including in contexts of repression. In a simulation, they will experience challenges of allianc-es-building as a central dimension of generating power. The training is for activists, organisers and leaders as well as peacebuilders and trainers involved in nonviolent movements who want to plan and facilitate effective, adaptive and resilient strategies together with other movement actors.


Thimna Bunte
accompanies, advises and trains actors and initiatives of nonviolent resistance and conflict transformation, as well as municipal actors in strategy building, conflict transformation and psychosocial security. She was also civil peace worker for KURVE Wustrow in Palestine.

Hilal Demir
works as a trainer for nonviolence since 1999 within Turkey and internationally. In 2014 she founded the first centre on Nonviolence in Turkey, the “Nonviolent Education and Research Centre”. She organises nonviolent trainings for NGOs and activists, initiated the first nonviolent trainer network in Turkey, and prepared a handbook of nonviolent tools for facilitators in in Turkish.

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