Campaigning for Nonviolent Change




KURVE Wustrow / Wendland

Fachseminar "Campaigning for Nonviolent Change" (englischsprachig)

Participants are able

  • to distinguish a variety of tools to develop effective nonviolent campaigns and between concepts like organising and mobilising, as well as strategies, campaigns and actions
  • to analyse their social issue and to choose campaign types and nonviolent actions that would be most effective.

Campaigns are a key activity of social movements in order to foster social change. In this training, we will explore the role of nonviolent campaigns in the complex context of social change. Based on own case examples, participants will explore a typical cycle of campaign development, planning and organising.

According to the participants’ interests and needs, they will apply tools to analyse their movement’s social issue, reflect on different campaign and action types (for both presence and digital spheres), and deepen their understanding of the concepts of organising, mobilising, strategies, narratives, campaigns and actions.

At the end of the training participants will be ready to develop a complete nonviolent campaign plan. The training is for activists, organisers and lead-ers as well as peacebuilders and trainers involved in nonviolent movements, who want to plan and coordinate successful nonviolent campaigns and/or facilitate others to do so.


Thimna Bunte
Hilal Demir

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