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Donate and Contribute

Donate and Contribute



Who wants to take part? Who wants to join and have his or her say in a thematic working group?

Who will become a member and recruit new members?

Who simply lends a hand from time to time?

Who collects donations, has creative ideas on how to do this, or may even contribute money him- or herself?


To everybody, who considers it important to further promote the idea of nonviolence in political disputes and in dealing with conflicts:


Could you contribute some time, energy or money, so that we can do a good piece of work with your support?


In order for this work to remain self-determined and independent, we need members, supporting members and donors.


Our contact for your contributions: Steffi Barisch or ++ 49 (0)5843-98 71-35


Please support us!

Donate now!

Account for Donations

IBAN: DE50 4306 0967 2041 6468 00