Peace Education in Practice




KURVE Wustrow / Wendland

Fachseminar "Peace Education in Practice" (englischsprachig)

Participants are able

  • to understand the concept “logic of peace” in relation to the “logic of security” and translate it to their own context
  • to develop their own attitude, values and understanding of peace education
  • to develop a programme of peace education by adapting methods and formats to their own context.

Peace education, understood as the education towards peace, tries to question the status quo of uncivil relations, educates on ways and methods of peaceful transformation of conflicts and opens a space to reflect upon one’s own violent / peaceful attitudes, values and actions. In this training we will introduce participants to the concept of the “logic of peace” which can serve as an analytical tool as well as practical guidance. It allows participants to change their perspective and to see a variety of opportunities for action which can initiate a paradigm shift from the logic of security to the logic of peace. Furthermore participants are introduced to and will practice a se-lection of methods and formats of peace education. The training also involves strategising for the implementation of peace education on different levels of your respective context – towards the institutionalisation. We will share our experience in the field of peace education but also include and build on the cases and questions participants will introduce

11.-15 .11. 2024

Esther Binne
Ana Bitoljanu

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