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Civil Peace Service

What is the Civil Peace Service (CPS)?

In the mid-1990s the Civil Peace Service was developed by a number of organisations from the German peace movement – including KURVE Wustrow. Since 1998, the Civil Peace Service is a programme funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


a_Regionen_u_ProjekteRegions and Partner

Currently we are cooperating with partner organisations in three  regions: in the Western Balkans in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia; in the Middle East in Palestine and Israel; in South Asia in Nepal and in South East Asia in Myanmar.

c_AlsFFK_insAusland_4Going abroad as a Peace Worker

KURVE Wustrow is sending peace workers in line with the Development Aid Workers Act. They usually work for three years in a partner organisation, in which they implement a peace project jointly in a team with local staff.

Julia Kramer, our project adviser, introduces our work in the framework of the Civil Peace Service: